Slackware 13.1 is released!

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Δημοσίευσηαπό mysticalgroovy » Τρί Μάιος 25, 2010 1:55 am

That's right, another stable release of Slackware is finally ready to go. Slackware 13.1 is available in both 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x86_64 editions, and brings with it many major improvements, like KDE SC version 4.4.3, the Linux kernel, a new toolchain, updated libraries, and major applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird.
More details may by found in the official announcement and in the release notes. For a complete list of included packages, see the package list.

Please consider supporting the Slackware project by picking up a copy of the Slackware 13.1 release from the Slackware Store. The discs are off to replication, but we're accepting pre-orders for the official 6 CD set and the DVD. The CD set is the 32-bit x86 release, while the DVD is a special edition dual-sided disc with the 32-bit x86 release on one side and the 64-bit x86_64 release on the other. And, we still have T-shirts and other Slackware stuff there, so have a look around. Thanks to our subscribers and supporters for keeping Slackware going all these years.

Than ks are again due to the Slackware crew, the developers of, the community on, Slackware IRC channels, and everyone else who helped out with this release.

Have fun, and enjoy the new stable release!

Pat and the Slackware crew

hahaaaaa new version at last mates!!!
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Δημοσίευσηαπό linuxman » Τρί Μάιος 25, 2010 1:08 pm

Nice news , new Release !!!! Thumbup
Clapping Clapping Clapping
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Δημοσίευσηαπό jemadux » Σάβ Νοέμ 20, 2010 12:46 am

τωρα που εβαλα το 11.3 του slackware τι να κανω ?
σχεδον τα ελεγχω αλλα εχω ενα μικρο προβλημα...
μπορει αυριο να ερθω στο συλλογο και να μου το λυσει καποιος
και γιατι να βαλω το slackpack ενω μπορω να τα κανω ολα μεσω slackbuilds ?
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